CricosEditionMidBluegem is proud to announce the arrival of the CRICOS Edition in our comprehensive suite of training management solutions. The CRICOS Edition is designed for training and education providers delivering services to International Students. In this edition we’ve covered all the bases to help you comply with the National Code, ESOS and your CRICOS Provider Registration.

  • Course Progress Monitoring
  • Attendance Monitoring and Reporting
  • Place your list items here
  • Intervention Management
  • Study Plans
  • Library of templates,
  • Standard letters
  • Student documents
  • Online Registration
  • Complete billing and payment schedules
  • Complex Timetabling
  • CRICOS Identifiers
  • Everything an RTO Needs was already in the mix

Furthermore if there are any features you would like to see in there and you suspect we may not yet have them, talk to us. Bluegem is all about effective solutions. So if we can work together to make your life easier and enhance your performance as a provider, we’d really like to hear from you.

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